Andualem Aragie, Ethiopian politician and activist recently released from prison welcomed by Ethiopians in Berlin.

አንዷለም በርሊን ሲደርስ የኢትዮ-በርሊን አባላትና በከተማው ነዋሪ የሆኑ ኢትዮጵያውያን በመተባበር ያደርጉለት ሞቅ ያለ አቀባበል!
Andualem Aragie (also spelt Arage, አንዱዓለም አራጌ) ( November 4, 1972) is the Vice President and Press Secretary for the Ethiopian-based Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJP) party. Andualem was sentenced to a life sentence on terrorism charges after being imprisoned on September 14, 2011 along with prominent journalist Eskinder Nega and opposition party members and reporters.His arrest has been ascribed by human rights organizations as a crackdown on dissent.Human Rights Watch also reported his detention as well as other members of the opposition and the potential for serious abuse during his imprisonment.He is now released from prison after the government pardoned him and other prisoners of conscience.
Quelle-Gizaw Meshesha   & ECADFORUM.COM